Q: What determines the price of your patches?

A: There are several factors that play a part in the final price of our patches. The two biggest factors are the dimensions of the patch and the border type. The smaller the patch, the less it costs. Merrowed borders tend be the cheaper option while die-cut borders while increase the cost. Another factor is whether the patch is stock or custom designed to our standard. Custom designed patches will cost much more to make than buying a stock designed patch. One more factor is the patch backing. Plastic backing do not increase the cost of our products but backing such as velcro do. Embroidery coverage also effects the cost. Most of our patches have 100% embroidery coverage to create a better looking patch. The final factor is the amount of color. The more colors to a patch, the more it costs to produce. We try to keep the colors under 10 as to not increase the cost any further

Q: Do you offer custom patch design consulting?

A: Not at this time.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: Returns are handled on a case by case basis. If you would like to return a item, please send a email to contact@californiafireapparel.com and include your order number in the subject line. Example: #1013 Return

Q: Do you offer overnight shipping?

A: At this time we do not offer overnight shipping. Our fastest shipping option is USPS Priority.

Q: How come my only shipping option is USPS Priority?

A: Our system will only offer you USPS Priority shipping if your order is over a certain weight.

Q: Why do you sell such a limited amount of items?

A: We are a small start-up business. Each sale we make allows us to grow our inventory even more. We would love if you would spread the word about our business and encourage your friends and family to support us.

Q: How often do you donate to foundations?

A: At this time, we donate at the end of each month.